How to Cut and Wiring the LED Strip Lights

About RGB LED Light Strip

RGB Led Light Strip is a kind of the Multi-Color Changeable Led Strip , it need to work with the  RGB controller to realize RGB color changing.

RGB strips are capable of producing a wide range of color and when connected  to an RGB controller ,allow you  to select options such as the static color ,brightness or the color changing operating modes.

All of these options will allow a huge degree of control over what and how your LED's display their colors.

Note !

 The RGB color changing strip be able to produce multi RGB colors ,but only can mix to get pure white color . If you prefer to get RGB colors and Warm White ( or other kelvin White ) ,you can use the  RGBW / RGBWW LED Strips.


How to connect the RGB LED Light Strip to the RGB Controller



How the RGB LED Light Strip be cut and reconnected 

RGB LED Lights Strip can be cut in every 3 leds (there is the marks on the PCB )

After being cutted ,the RGB LED Light Strip can be reconnected in two ways

*  By soldering wires to the marked solder points.

*  By using the Quick connectors. 

   The quick connector can be  generally fall into three categories :

         CC   (Connector to Connector)

         CWC  ( Connector  to Wire to Connector )

         CW ( Connector to Wire )

The connect illustration

* The connect drawing for  CC type quick connectors

* The connect drawing for  CWC type quick connectors

* The connect drawing for CW type quick connectors


Notice: This quick connector is not water-proof ! 

so if you want to put the reconnected strip in outdoor environment ,  you need reconnect the strips as the follow process shows.



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