How to purchase led strips light?

How to purchase led strips light?

LED strips light is very popular at present. It is not only rich in color, but also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It can also be used in a wide range of applications. At present, the price of LED lights is not very expensive. If it is color RGB, it will be more expensive. The prices of different specifications and different varieties are not the same. The 220V high-voltage lamp belt has high heat when the high-voltage lamp is turned on,Life expectancy will be shorter.

The low-voltage lamp has a long life, energy saving and environmental protection, and the safety factor is higher than that of the high-pressure lamp. The living room is best to use 12v LED flexible strips, non-waterproof bare strips or waterproof tap strips. The specific brightness is selected according to the optical effect. For high brightness, you can choose 5050, 60 lights, one meter or 5050, 30 lights and one meter. For low brightness, you can choose 3528, 60 meters for one lamp. For optical effects, you can choose from a single color, or you can choose a colorful or a marquee bar.

LED strips Note:

1, the brightness requirements for different occasions and different products for LED brightness requirements are also different. For example, if the LED jewellery counter lamp is placed in some large shopping malls, we will be attractive if the brightness is higher, and the decorative effect is also divided into LED spotlights and LED colorful lights.

2, anti-static ability: anti-static ability anti-static ability of the LED, long life, but the price will be higher. Generally, antistatic is preferably higher than 700V.

3. LEDs with the same wavelength and color temperature will have the same color. This large-scale combination of lamps is especially important. Do not create too much chromatic aberration in the same fixture.

4. Leakage current is the current when the LED is reversely conducting. We recommend LED products with a small leakage current.

5, waterproof ability, for outdoor and indoor LED lights are not the same.

6, LED lighting angle has a great impact on LED lamps, the requirements for different lamps are very large, like LED fluorescent lamps we recommend to use 140-170 degrees. Others are not explained in detail here.

7, LED chips determine the quality of LED core, LED chip brands, there are foreign brands, there are also Taiwan. The price difference between different brands is also very far.

8, LED chip size also determines the quality and brightness of the LED, we also try to choose a larger chip when choosing, but the price will be correspondingly higher.

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