What is the CRI, how do we arrange the appetite for the restaurant?

What is the CRI(color rendering index), how do we arrange the appetite for the restaurant?

There is a performance indicator in the light called the CRI( color rendering index),which is the value that describes the ability of the light source to present the true color of the object. The color rendering index is expressed by CRI or Ra, and the Ra range is from 0- 100, the closer the Ra value is to 100, the higher the color rendering property, and the better the color reduction of the surface of the illuminated object.

Official solution: "Color rendering index (CRI) is a measure of the ability of a light source to present the color of a real object. The higher the color rendering of a light source, the closer its color performance is to an ideal source or natural light."


Since the color rendering ability is large, how big is their difference?

Through the comparison of the above figure, we can easily see that the higher the color rendering ability, the more realistic, natural and beautiful the illuminated image is.

Index (Ra) Grade color rendering General application

90-100 1A Excellent location where color contrast is required

80-89 1B Locations requiring correct color determination

60-79 2 Locations requiring moderate color rendering

40-59 3 Pairs of color development Sexual requirements are lower, and the color difference is small.

20-39 4 Poor place where there is no specific requirement for color rendering.


we engaged in lighting work for many years. I will talk about what scenes need to use high CRI. What can I bring to me? we uses the high color light source in the following scenes in the usual observations:

Commercial use parts: (museums, supermarkets, counters, hotels, restaurants, film and photography) such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Wanda, famous jewelry stores, brand clothing stores, Hilton, Waldorf, Michelin, etc.

In some parts of the home, high CRI are required: (Restaurants and desk lamps) There are no explicit requirements in other areas, and the head of the household is doing what it takes.

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