365nm & 380nm SMD5050-300 12V 6A 72W UV (Ultraviolet) LED Strip Light Flex White PCB Ideal for UV Curing, Currency Validation, Medical Field

SKU 5M-HK-8MM-F5050-365-30-NW-UV-12

Wavelength Options: 365nm-370nm and 380nm-385nm

Sold by Different Lengths in 50cm, 100cm, 200cm, 300cm, 400cm, 500cm.

IP Grade avaliable : Non-Waterproof , IP65 Waterproof , IP67 Waterproof , IP68 Waterproof

365nm-370nm & 380nm-385nm SMD5050-300 12V DC <72W, 6Amp  UV (Ultraviolet) LED Strip Light Non-Waterproof Flexible White PCB Strip Light Ideal for UV Curing, Currency Validation, Mosquito killer, Fluorescence disclosing and Medical Field 

Note: Sold by Different Lengths in 50cm, 100cm, 200cm, 300cm, 400cm, 500cm.

Available Lengths and Suggested Power Supply to power (the power supply is not included)

Length Wattage (w) Suggested Power Supply
50cm 7.2 12V, 1.0Amp, 12W
100cm 14.4 12V, 1.5Amp, 18W
200cm 28.8 12V, 3.0Amp, 36W
300cm 43.2 12V, 4.0Amp, 48W
400cm 57.6 12V, 5.0Amp, 60W
500cm 72 12V, 7.0Amp, 84W

To use bigger power supply than rated power of the strip is to avoid full loaded working, which is better for the lifespan of the Power Supply. 

Strip Light Specification for 5 Meter Roll 

LED Type: UV SMD5050
LED QTY.: 60LED/Meter
Input Voltage: 12V DC
Wattage (max): 14.4Watt/Meter
Cuttable: Every 3LED per 2'' can be cut
Size(W*H/mm): 10*1.8
Weight: 0.15kgs per 5meter per roll
Wavelenght: 365nm-370nm, 380nm-385nm
PCB Background color: White
PCB Backing: Double-sided Adhesive backing
Beam Angle: 120°
Dimming: PWM dimmable(more information please refer to different Dimmer applications)
Waterproof Type: Non-waterproof(indoor use)
Pre-wiring: 20cm Red/Black Lead wire at one end of the strip 

UV LED Lights Application

UV Printing
UV Curing
UV Exposure
UV Nail lamp
UV Mosquito killer lamp
Industrial Curing
Fluorescence disclosing and verification
Air Purification
Medical and Biomedical Applications
Currency Validation
Dental Curing and Teeth Whitening
Sterilization and Medical
Warnings and Handling Instructions on UV LED Lights
UV-LEDs emit invisible ultraviolet radiation when in operation, which may be harmful to eyes or skin, even for brief periods. Do NOT look directly into the UV-LED during operation. Be sure that you and all persons in the vicinity wear adequate " UV " Safety protection for eyes and skin. If you incorporate a UV-LED into a product, be sure to provide WARNING labels.
Dimension for 5050-300 in 500cm