10pcs Clear Plastic U or V Mounting Clips for U-Shape and V-Shape LED Strip Aluminum Channel (Fit Model U01, U02, U03, U04, U05, U06, V01, V02,V03)

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Product Notice

Material: Plastic
U Shape and V Shape Clear Color
Fit for LightingWill U-Shape and V-Shape LED Aluminum Channel
Package includes:10 x Clear Mounting clips for U01/U02/U03/U04/U05/U06/V01/V02/V03

*LightingWill--LED Manufacture directly,customize accepted;Buy from professional,buy with confidence
*Mounting Clips specially designed for LightingWill U-Shape LED Strip Aluminum Channel (Fit Model U01,U02,U03,U04,V01,V02,V03)

Material: Plastic
Color: Clear
Fit Model: U01,U02,U03,U04,U05, U06 and V01,V02,V03 Quantity: 10Pcs