12VDC TM1914 IC Controlled Dream Color 5050 RGB Pixel LED Strip Kit 5 meters with 30LED/Mtr


This 5050 150LED IC Controlled Dream Color  RGB LED Strip Kit includes the following items:

1. 1 x DC12V TM1914 IC Dream Color LED flexible Strip in 5meters
2. 1 x DC12V RF Dream Color RGB LED Strip Controller
3. 1 x DC12V 4Amp Power supply
4. 1 x 3pin SM Connector

Dimension: 5000*10*2.0(mm)               
Power: 12VDC                                                   
Wattage: 9W/Mtr                                      
LED QTY.: 30LED/Mtr                                       
IC QTY.: 10pcs/Mtr                                                       
Cutability: 3LED/cutting                                     
Beam Angle: 120°                                     
PCB finish color : White                                      
Protection grade option: Non-waterproof, Waterproof IP67 silicone Tube            
Connector: 3-pin SM connector for strip extention and 2color wire for power supply connection 

Specification of the 36Watt Transformer in the Kit:

The Input Voltage: 100-240VAC
Output voltage: 12V
Output current: 4A
Dimension(mm): 117*50*32(mm)
Accessory: it comes with power plug suit to different country (Europe plug, US plug Italy Plug and so on).

The RF Dream Color RGB Controller is the Dream Color Digital/SPI RF LED Controller - 5-24VDC / 2048 Pixels.
On/off:It can open or close output.
Mode/Speed :Mode adjustment / speed adjustment function switch (The first LED displays H for model adjustment, shows S for the speed adjustment.)
UP:Mode+/Speed+ button. When in mode regulator function, it is for “Mode+”. When in speed regulator function, it is for “Speed+”.
DOWN:Mode-/Speed- button. When in mode regulator function, it is for “Mode-”. When in speed regulator function, it is for “Speed-”.

Standard color changes as follows: