1M/5M/10M Pack of T20D LED Neon Light Housing Kit with End Caps and Mounting Clips, Flexible Neon Channel Fit for 10mm Wide LED Strip Lights


T20D LED Neon Light Channel Flexible LED Neon Light Housing for 10mm Wide LED Strip Lights


* New Generation Silicon Tube Housing: Fire-proof Grade V0, High Temperature Resisitance -20 to 150 C degree
* Perfect Replacement for LED Aluminum Channel: Flexible, Longer Lengths available with no Black Area
* Ideally for DIY Neon LED Sign or Letters: Easy to bend and make turning, protect well the LED strip inside
* Improved Light Transmittance: up to 60%-80%
* High Protection for LED Strips: IP67 Waterproof & Dust Proof
* Spotless Look Produced with Proper LED Strip Light Models


Size : 20MM Dimater
Length Available: 1Meter Roll , 5Meter Roll, 10Meter Roll,                                                                                  Lighting Direction : 360°
Accessories per Meter Included: 1x End Cap (with Hole), 1x End Cap (with no hole), 3 x Mounting Clips & Screws
Fit for: 10mm wide LED Strip Light.
Waterproof Grade: IP67, get the end sealed with end caps with gel, it will reach IP67 Waterproof grade, ideal for any wet locations and outdoor applications.


1Meter Pack include:
1x 1Meter Neon Light Housing
1x End Cap w/ hole
1x End Cap w/o hole
3x Mounting Clips & Screws

5Meter Pack include:
1x 5Meter Neon Light Housing
5x End Cap w/ hole
5x End Cap w/o hole
15x Mounting Clips & Screws

10Meter Pack include:
1x 10Meter Neon Light Housing
10x End Cap w/ hole
10x End Cap w/o hole
30x Mounting Clips & Screws


* We recommend to use high density LED strip lights, for example the 5050 60LED/Mtr LED strips. It will produce a spotless look with more LEDs on the strip.

* The Neon Light Housing Lengths can be customzied to shorter and longer lengths. Please contact us for special need.

* When cut the Neon Light Housing, please pay close attention to cut it straight. Or to use special scissors. If the cut section is not flat, it will affect the seal with end caps.

* Except the mounting clips included in the package,  you can also use Glue or Adhesive Tapes to mount the Neon Light Housing.

Note: The LED strip light does not included in this unit, need to purchase separately !