5 Pack 19.7 inch Super Slim 4mm SMD3528 Rigid LED Strip lighting 60LEDs

SKU 0.5M-HK-R3528X60-NW-PW-12

Super Slim SMD3528,60Leds,3-LED cuttable, Rigid LED Strip lighting, Firbre board, 50*0.4cm DC12V, 4.8W 

Product Features:
1) Single Colors and RGB Full Color, viewing angle is 120 degrees and voltage is 12V DC
2) 50cm*0.4cm
3) cuttable ar every 3-led. easily can be connected by cable connector ,maintenance free
4) Solid-state, high shock / vibration resistant
5) Life:50,000 hours

1) Architectural decorative lighting
2) Path & Contour Marking
3) Auditorium walkway lighting
4) Stairway accent lighting
5) Backlighting for signage letters
6) Indoor lighting and signs