5Pack 1Meter (40'') Bendable Aluminum Channel System with Cover, End Caps, and Mounting Clips, for LED Strip Installations, Ultra-Thin Silver Finish


Product Notice

*Pack of five (5) 1m segments, including end caps and mounting clips
*Extruded aluminum channel with Transparent/Frosted cover
*Ultra-thin and bendable, suitable for use on gently curved surfaces
*Professional mounting solution for installing LED strips/ribbons
*This unit is for the Aluminum Profiles only, do not include the LED strip lights

* Fit  for Max. LED Strip Width: 13mm
* Channel Material: Anodized aluminum
* Cover Material: Translucent polycarbonate
* Length: 5x 1m segments (5m total)
* Finish color: Silver
* Cover color options: Frosted, Transparent
* Mounting Type: Surface
* Accessories Included: (10x) mounting clip, (10x) screw for securing mounting clip, (5x) end cap with hole for wires to go through, (5x) end cap without hole