DC 5.5/2.1 Waterproof Connector (Single Color)


Products Description:

1. Productive Craft: lead-free handmade soldering, once injection moulding and for all.
2.Voltage Rating: DC 0—24V,(AC110V,220V)
3.Current Rating: 1~5A
4.Breakdown Voltage: ≥1500V
6.Working Temperature:-40℃~120℃
7.Material: Copper+PVC(international standard)

1.100%electrical test, disallwing open circuit/short circuit, electrical sudden disconnection.
2.Insulation Resistance: DC300V/5.0M ohm
3.Energy Impedance: 3.0 ohm/MAX.
4. The products passed the RoHS environmental requirements.

CABLE:OD:4.0 Transparent 17/0.14TS*1.3*2C
Hardware: DC5.5*2.1 Female Plug/DC5.5*2.1 Male Plug
Molding: Transparent 45P-PVC
Waterproof Circle: 1.9*12.0 Black Waterproof Circle
Nut shell: Transparent

Connect all kinds of LED lighting products for indoor and outdoor, for example: LED Strips, LED Spotlights, LED Flood lights, LED Wall washers...... Products Introduction: We adopt the lead-free handmade soldering, once injection moulding and for all technology, and all of the products own the best and perfect characteristics of good quality, large variety, easier operation, high perfomances of waterproof (can be Reaching the grade of IP68), and the high working environment adaptability and long life span of the products!