Silicon Neon Light Tube - LED Strip Light Housing

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Silicon Neon Light Tube

More than 30 models of Neon Light Tube  are made from high quality silicon act as a durable, lightweight housing which is recommended as a alternative and upgrade selection than LED Aluminum Profiles. These Neon Light Tube Housing are usedfor LED strip lighting of any color temperature, color, or output and provide a stylish and finished look for both residential and commercial lighting.

Very flexible and smart, those Neon Light Tubes are available in long lengths. And can be cut to any lengths that needed. You can get it in 1meter, 2meter, ....10meter, 20meter, 50meter ... per roll, and cut to any lengths.

With a variety of different styles, they allow you to create any lighting effect specific to your design objectives. Suitable for any application including kitchen lighting, interior lighting design, architectural lighting, commercial lighting, retail display lighting and more.