UFO WiFi Smart Phone App Controllable LED RGB / RGBW Controller Wireless Controller for LED Flexible Strips


UFO WiFi Smart Phone App Controllable LED RGB / RGBW Controller Wireless Controller for LED Flexible Strips

*RGB or RGBW LED Controller
*UFO WiFi Smart Phone App Controllable 
*12V/24V DC Operating
*Be able to control RGB, RGBW or Single Color LED Strips

Be able to control 12V DC or 24V DC RGB or RGBW LED Lights. After installation and settings, your phone / Ipad (IOS or Android system) can control light directly.

Wattage: 192W @ 12VDC, 384W @ 24VDC
Max diameter:70mm     

Smartphone Control (Andriod or IOS system, software down from APP store);
RGB color changing, Speed adjustable;
Single color brightness dimmable;
Dance with Music;
Zone Controllable.

I. Summarize
Welcome to use LED WiFi Controller, this controller is designed for low voltage(12V-24V) light, such as 12V LED strip,12V panel light etc. After installation and settings,your phone (IOS or Android system) can control light directly. The remote control distance reachs 50 meters indoor and more than 100 meters outdoor
II. Specifications
(A) RGB/RGBW,16 million colors, built-in 20 dynamic models,DIY models,music modes
(B) divide into groups function
(C) timing function, automatic turn on/off as your setting time. Set any dynamic models
(D) allocate to router by one key”WPS”
(E) after connecting router,controller’s wifi signal will be hided automatically to prevent hotlinking
(F) memory function,keep same status as last time after power off
(G) single control by phone  or integrated control by router
(H) operating platform:requires Android 2.3.3 or later,IOS 6.0 or later
III. Technology Parameter
 1.02 Data Parameter
 Input voltage:DC12V-DC24V
 Power:DC12V:192W;DC24V:384W;
 Application:common anode,constant voltage light,such as 12V LED strip,12V LED panel light etc
 Output currrent:4A*4
 Connection:common anode
Input:(wire terminal or DC head )
V+: connect anode of power supply
V-: connect cathode of power supply
    V+:connect anode of lamp
    R:connect anode of red color
G:connect anode of green color
B:connect anode of blue color
W:connect anode of white color if you light have this port.

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