DC 5V 5Meter (16.4Ft) Side Emitting RGB SMD4020 SK6812 Individually Addressable LED Strip Light 60LED/Meter LED Pixel Flexible Tape White PCB



Product Notice

* Side-emitting SMD4020 RGB

* Wattage : 18W / Meter
* SK6812 RGB LED strip is the newest upgraded version of WS2812B LED strip. R/G/B 3 colors in 1 LED. SK6812 has a richer color change and color combination possibilities.
* Fan and economical Arduino project.Works great with Arduino UNO ,K-1000C controller
* Each leds is individual addressable. 256 brightness display and 32-bit color display.one IC controls one led Each pixel can have its own color and brightness. You can control them individually and set them to any color or animation you want.
* Chainable design. It comes with 3-pin JST-SM connectors on both ends. You can continue to extend or cut at both ends.
* Making led screen, led wall, advertising board, apply to hotel, KTV, bars, Outdoor advertising signs, Festivel Christmas or wedding party decoration.It has adhesive glue on the back, so you can stick it to the wall or other items conveniently as you like. It is covered with clear silicone coating.