LED Flexible Strip Lights - IR & UV LED Strip Lights


LED Strip

Infrared (IR) refers to the wavelength range from 0.7 μm to 500 μm (Infrared light), Which can be subdivided into  near infrared,  mid infrared,  far infrared three regions.
Near Infrared: refers to the wavelength range from 0.7 μm to 2.5 μm (infrared light).
Middle Infrared:refers to the wavelength range from 2.5 μm m to 25 μm (infrared light), middle ir light is analysis of molecular structure of the most useful, the most information rich region.
Far infrared: refers to the wavelength range from 25 μm  to 500 μm (infrared light).  

Easy to use infrared LED light aids healing, soothes sore muscles and chronic pain relieves stiffness!

Ultraviolet spectrum wavelength between 100nm to 400 nm, in generally divided into three categories: UV-A (315 nm-400 nm, also known as UVA) ,UV-B (280 nm- 315 nm, also known as UVB),UV-C (100 nm -280 nm, also known as for short wave ultraviolet).
UV LED early uses of Dental treatment instrument and forgeries. UV LED current use include: optical sensors and instruments (230nm-400nm),UV authentication, Barcode
(230nm-280nm), surface water sterilization (240nm-280nm)  identification and analysis of body fluids (250nm -405nm),  Protein analysis and drug invention (270nm -300nm),  medical lights therapy (300nm-320nm), polymers and inks (300nm -365nm), forgeries (375 nm - 395nm), surface sterilization / Beauty sterilization (390 nm-410nm).