24cm/48cm/72cm/96cm/120cm Waterproof Flexible Grill LED Strip Light for Motorcycle, Car Lighting

SKU 0.24M-HK-F508PW-X-W

Side Emiting LED Grill Strip, 12VDc Waterproof available in color Yellow,Red,White,Green,Blue, and lengths of 24cm, 48cm, 72cm, 96cm and 120cm


Voltage 12VDC
Available Strip Length 24cm, 48cm, 72cm, 96cm, 120cm
LED QTY. 24LEDs @ 24cm; 48LEDs @ 48cm; 72LEDs @ 72cm; 96LEDs @ 96cm; 120LEDs @ 120cm
Pre-wiring 38cm long wire at one end of the strip
Available Color Yellow,Red,White,Green,Blue
Strip Finish Color Clear



Super bright LEDs
Flexible and durable strip 
Brand new and waterproof
Transparent when not in use
Both use external and internal

Very bright and very cool, these LED strip lights, give you total lighting flexibility, put next to no drain on your car battery, and no matter whether you use them in hard rain or the driest night on record, they won't fail you.

LEDstrips8 LED strips put out a minimum amount of heat, so there's no fire risk, and they'll fit in a variety of places:
Around the front grille
Under foot-wells
On wheel wells
In the trunk
Under the hood
On headlights
Along the dash
Wherever the heck you want them to go!
The only limit is your imagination.



Can the LED strips be cut or trimmed?
Yes! You can easily cut the LED strips. Use a sharp utility knife. The LEDs are wired in groups of 3, so you should cut every 3 LEDs.
Note: Some of the shorter lengths can't be cut because of a critical power wire inside. Before you cut, just make sure you won't be cutting a power wire, otherwise your LED strip could be damaged.

Can the cut section of the strip be re-used?
While it is physically possible, it is not a simple procedure and not worth the effort. For practical purposes, you are better off discarding the cut portion.

Once cut, is the strip still waterproof?
If you cut it right, it will maintain a degree of "weather resistance". But to make a cut strip fully waterproof again, we recommend you add some silicone sealant to the cut end.

What is the best way to mount them?
Cable ties, also known as zip ties work for many installations. 

How should they be mounted in the wheel well?
Before removing the wheel, you should hold the strip in a few locations behind the wheel until you find a suitable location. Play around with some different options. We find it works best if they are mounted on or behind suspension components.

Do the LED strip lights require resistors?
No. The LED strip lights do not require any resistors. They are ready to work on any 12 volt power source.

Which wire is power and which is ground?
The silver wire is 12v -, and the gold wire is 12v +. (ground). If you accidentally reverse them, nothing bad will happen.