24 W 16.4FT/5M UV 3528 300LEDs 395nm-405nm Night FishingLight LED Strip Sterilization implicitly Party

SKU 5M-HK-8MM-F3528UV395-30-NW-12
Waterproof Type

24 Watts UV Black Light LED Strip, 16.4FT/5M 3528 300LEDs 395nm-405nm Waterproof IP65 Blacklight Night Fishing Sterilization implicitly Party



The UV LED Blacklight strip creates special lighting effects that make fluorescent body paints and ink, balloons, candles, cosmetics, bubbles and wall stickers glow in the dark; Great for bands, clubs, dance, performance stage, theatrical productions, DJ events and light show.

This LED UV strip is easy installation and portable so ideal for both interior and exterior decoration. Classic UV black light effects totally plug & play. And it creates stunning atmospheres at gigs or parties, works great with UV body paints & fluorescents. Ideal for parties, events, and gallery.


Light strip length: 5 meter
LED Quantity: 300leds
Waterproof: IP65
Input volts: DC12V 2A
Power: 24W
Viewing Angle : 120°

IP Rate


IP65 Waterproof

IP67 Waterproof

IP68 Waterproof


Do not stare at the light source.
Keep away from fire or other heat source.
Children under 16 years of age must use the product under the supervision of an adult.
Due to its wavelength is 390-405nm , we can see the color is bluish violet or blue by the naked eye rather than violet.In fact,its reflection is purple.